7 min Short
Writer Peter Bean
Director Peter Bean, Erick Claux Bertini

A technology addicted man, lonely in the big city has only one friend: his phone. And when it wants to take him on a turn-by-turn adventure to find love, he reluctantly follows its direction after continued protest. On his exhausting search through the city, he quickly learns that sometimes love needs directions.

8 min Short
Director Erick Claux Bertini, Peter Bean

In the darkness of an abandoned building, one man must escape the evil surrounding him. It’s closing in floor-by-floor and soon his screams will turn to echoes.

Suspension of Disbelief
23 min Short
Writer Andy Attenhofer
Executive Producer Peter Bean, Andy Attenhofer
Director Andy Attenhofer

Suspension of Disbelief happens every day and right in front of our eyes. Why? Because we allow it to happen.

Telly, convinced that his best friend Sam is cheating on his girlfriend, enters a roller coaster ride of perception that leads to Sam's abduction. Telly wants to know the truth, and must enter his own past to find it. The closer he gets, the more he realizes that his own perception might have deceived him.

Awards: Video Grand Prix Lichtenstein (Winner), XXS Film Festival Dortmund (2nd)
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The Punching Dummy
Short Film
Writer Peter Bean
Director Peter Bean
Insulting women is Doug's life, as every night he suits up in a padded outfit and yells insults at abused women. He is the loathed Punching Dummy, who works at a women’s defense class. His hope: to help them. Teamed up with Coach Cindy, Doug attempts to empower these abused women. He has all that he can handle in one such woman in the class. But she may just have the answers he needs to achieve his goal. She may also teach him a thing or two about himself.
Awards: Route 66 Film Festival (Audience Award)
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My Struggle
30 min Short
Writer Peter Bean
Directors Andy Attenhofer, Peter Bean
Cinematographer Erick Claux Bertini

Cloning a human being is seen as unethical and unsound in the eyes of many people. Several scientists in a small town do this very thing to answer a debate that has troubled science for a long time: Nature vs. Nurture. Adam is that once normal thirteen-year-old boy. Scientists, posing as neighbors, friends, and family, created him from the genes of an evil man: Adolf Hitler. As Adam finds out about his origins, so too does the rest of the town. Riots ensue with Nazi extremists, Holocaust survivors, and scientists chasing after him. Adam has to determine for himself whether he will become what history wants him to be or is truly a good-natured child underneath it all.

Awards: Global Arts Film Festival Los Angeles (Winner)
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16 min Short
Director Andy Attenhofer

Franco, a famous Paparazzo, made his former girlfriend Milena a superstar using his status and abilities with the lens. They broke up after Franco cheated on her. Years later they finally meet each other again at a party, Milena embarrasses the Paparazzo in front of everyone. Franco manipulates an old picture of her and creates a scandal to get back at her. Everyone is hunting Milena now, but instead of running away, she decides to turn the tables on Franco.

After she convinced the biggest newspaper bosses in Miami to play along with her plan, Franco wakes up in his worst nightmare: no one wants to buy his pictures anymore and he loses everything. Milena is in full control of his life now but she starts to question her methods.
Awards: Best Thesis Film 2004 (Winner)
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