Relationship Status
Feature Film
Writer Peter Bean
Director Peter Bean
This story is a thoughtful, romantic comedy about a technophobic guy named Charlie living happily in his sleepy town located in the Bermuda triangle of internet coverage. This all changes when his world is brought online and turned into a trendy, Wi-Fi hot spot. Charlie tries to make sense of this new world of "tweeting" while keeping his newspaper from the brink of irrelevance. He is the last man standing against social networks and the woman who brought the internet to town. That is, until the unthinkable happens; he starts to get addicted himself and worse, falls in love with the woman who ruined his life. On top of it all, a radical Luddite group infiltrates the town bent on destroying the internet. Charlie must choose to go back to his old world or join the new one. His “relationship status” will NEVER be the same.
Feature Film
Writer Andrea Semadeni, Andy Attenhofer
Producer Andrea Semadeni
Director Andy Attenhofer

A 13-year-old teenager, discovers a violin. Fascinated by the instrument, he unnaturally soon becomes an outstanding performer but his personality changes drastically. When his friends discover the dark secret surrounding the violin, there is only little time left to save him.

A story about strength of real friendship, fascination for classical music and boon and bane of early fame and success.

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Feature Film
Writer Peter Bean, Andy Attenhofer
Producer Guido Baechler
Director Andy Attenhofer
R(e)volution is a dramatic, sci-fi thriller about an overly protective father named Jonas who trys to keep his adventurous son Timmy safe in a post-apocalyptic, deserted world. In the shadows lurk deformed humanlike creatures, which years ago were the cause of this obscure new reality. With most of his family killed, Jonas struggles to keep his son safe from the darkness but Timmy is abruptly kidnapped by a strange race of self proclaimed superior beings. Jonas must gain the courage to find his son with the lingering questions: what has become of his world, his life, his family. The answer to them all are hidden in humanity’s distant past and will shock him to the core.


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